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Written by Eléonore
September 6 2017 | Givre, Givre Maternity, Inspiration

Givre is a pattern with many possibilities! 3/4 sleeves dress, tee, sleeveless dress or fitted tank top, it will be a staple of your wardrobe in both his regular and maternity versions!


With Givre, we wanted to create a wardrobe builder, the type of pattern you sew over and over again because it is so convenient and comfortable. Fitted and pared-down, this is a classic piece that will never go out of fashion, with a contrasting yoke for some extra flair. Both the regular and maternity versions can be worn for many occasions, from casual to formal, thanks to the elegant knee length.


The pattern

Givre is a knit staple with two versions: version A includes a dress and a 3/4 sleeves tee with a contrasting yoke, and version B is a scoop-neck sleeveless dress or fitted tank top.

Regular pattern

Maternity pattern*

Givre is very fitted, which is why it requires a jersey knit with at least 50% stretch (learn how to calculate stretch percentage) and containing elastane/spandex/lycra. Apart from these two requirements, you have some leeway with the thickness and fiber composition of your fabric, so you can achieve lots of different styles!

Givre is rated 2 out of 5 for its experience level. It is a very accessible pattern and a quick project, the only technical point being adding the neckline and armhole bands!

Are you interested by the regular AND maternity versions of Givre? Buy Givre + Givre maternity together and get a 8€ discount, which means you can get the Givre maternity PDF pattern for only 3€ more!

How are you imagining your own Givre? Get the pattern in our online shop, in paper or PDF format!

*No, we are not expecting a couple of Deer&Doe babies! Camille is wearing a fake belly on these pictures to showcase details of the pattern 😉

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