Zoom on: the Goji shorts and skirt

Written by Eléonore
March 17 2017 | Goji, Inspiration

Today we are telling you more about the Goji shorts and skirt. Modern and easy to wear, it’s a pattern for everyone, beginners included!


This summer, paperbag and elasticated shorts and skirts are going to be everywhere again! They’re a breeze to wear in the heat, and perfect for long days spent on your feet exploring the city or countryside. With Goji, we wanted a comfortable and casual piece, as well as a versatile pattern that could be sewn into many different garments.

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The Pattern

Goji is a pair of shorts or a skirt with an elasticated waistband, drawstring, and rounded patch pockets. Version A (the shorts) has a paperbag waist, and version B (the skirt) has a classic waistband.


Goji is a beginner-friendly pattern, but we put a lot of thought in its construction: the flared panels bring some ease at the hips without adding too much bulk at the waist, the patch pockets are lined to look great on the inside, and the waistband will let beginners try their hand at sewing buttonholes. A mock fly-front brings extra interest to the front of the shorts (and it’s really easy to sew!). Finally, the shorts and skirt’s hems are finished with facings.

For Goji, we recommend fabrics more on the drapey side, which would be more adapted to the waist gathers: lawn (including Liberty), midweight rayon, cotton chambray… Beginners: pick something that is easy to sew and press, like cotton or linen!

Coming soon: our selection of fabric for Goji! Do you prefer the shorts or skirt?

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