Choosing fabric for Hoya

Written by Camille
March 22 2017 | Hoya, Inspiration

There’s nothing like a pretty blouse to showcase a beautiful fabric!

To pick the perfect fabric for your Hoya blouse, the keywords are drapey and lightweight. The panels of the mock-wrap front are lined, which means the overlap in the front has four layers of fabric; be careful of your fabric’s thickness! The good thing about the lined panels is that they play well with sheer fabrics: swiss dot, thin cotton voiles, white rayon… The layers on the front will keep it opaque while the back and sleeves will be have some subtle transparency 😉

The result will greatly depend of the drape of your fabric. Here, both fiber and weave are important. With silky fabric, like rayon, the blouse will follow the curves of the body. These fabrics are perfect is you want to wear your blouse tucked into a high-waisted bottom (and don’t forget to check out our tips to rigidify slippery fabrics!). With stiffer fabric, Hoya will be straighter and more structured. Avoid poplin at all costs, and swap your batiste for a thin cotton voile, unless you are looking for that exaggerated boxy shape!



With its streamlined cut, Hoya works well with both solid colors and prints. It’s time to take out that special print you’ve been saving in your stash! At Deer&Doe, we are in love with dark florals right now, and it seems like they’re going to be a big hit this summer 🙂 And how about using another color for the lining in order to create a contrasting collar?

Have you already spotted some fabric you want to use to make a Hoya blouse? Please share it with us!

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