Choosing fabric for Goji

Written by Camille
March 23 2017 | Goji, Inspiration

After Hoya yesterday, let’s take a look at recommended fabrics for the Goji shorts and skirt!

With a casual skirt or shorts such as Goji, it’s great to be able to move without constraints. Therefore it’s important to choose a resistant fabric that will handle friction, no matter how strong you pull on the drawstring or stretch the elasticated waistband to pull it over your hips. Avoid thin rayon fabrics, voile, swiss dot, and generally anything with a very loose weave. However, pick something that is not too thick: this will make it easier to thread the elastic through the channels, and won’t add too much bulk at the waist.

Drape is also important to consider. The look of the skirt in a stiffer fabric will be similar to our presentation version, while a drapier fabric will result in a flowier skirt. Other than this, the options are plentiful: midweight rayon, batiste, lightweight chambray or linen, lightweight flannel… Our favorites for summer are rayon and linen blends, which stay cool and soft!



What are your favorite fabrics for Goji?

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Bárbara, March 23 2017

Thank you for taking the time to handpick beautiful fabrics to go with your patterns (different ones in both the English and French versions of the blog, too!). It really helps those of us with less sewing experience who are still figuring out which fabrics work in different pieces. I look forward to the post on choosing fabrics for Luzerne as I just received that pattern 🙂

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