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Eléonore | August 10 2021

Summer is still in full swing in the northern hemisphere, and the Deer&Doe team has been having so much fun planning our next vacation wardrobes. Whether you’re lucky enough to plan trips again, or you have a weekend at the beach ahead of you, sewing a new garment can make the occasion feel all the […]

Eléonore | March 29 2017

Today we are presenting some finished Goji shorts and skirts! Les Lubies de Louise made a summery shorts version Our reviewer Kelerabeus and our very own Camille both used fabrics with lots of drape! Pretty skirts from Emilie le Papillon and By Julie Note: pattern testers and reviewers Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the […]

Camille | March 23 2017

After Hoya yesterday, let’s take a look at recommended fabrics for the Goji shorts and skirt! With a casual skirt or shorts such as Goji, it’s great to be able to move without constraints. Therefore it’s important to choose a resistant fabric that will handle friction, no matter how strong you pull on the drawstring […]

Eléonore | March 17 2017

Today we are telling you more about the Goji shorts and skirt. Modern and easy to wear, it’s a pattern for everyone, beginners included! Inspiration This summer, paperbag and elasticated shorts and skirts are going to be everywhere again! They’re a breeze to wear in the heat, and perfect for long days spent on your […]

Eléonore | March 14 2017

It seems like our teasers on social media have left you overflowing with excitement… Well here it is, the new spring-summer collection! And it comes with a few surprises as well! With this new collection, we are introducing three patterns to build your spring-summer wardrobe: the Hoya blouse, the Goji shorts and skirt, and the […]