Goji: reviewers and testers round-up

Written by Eléonore
March 29 2017 | Featured Garments, Goji

Today we are presenting some finished Goji shorts and skirts!


Les Lubies de Louise made a summery shorts version


Our reviewer Kelerabeus and our very own Camille both used fabrics with lots of drape!


Pretty skirts from Emilie le Papillon and By Julie

Note: pattern testers and reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. The projects shown above are final test versions that are almost equivalent to the final pattern!

Our reviewers did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase, but have received the finished pattern in exchange for a blog post. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism!

We hope you are as inspired by these as we are! Tell us all about your projects!

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