An update on the Plantain tee!

Written by Eléonore
March 27 2017 | Pattern News, Plantain

We took the opportunity of the release of the new collection and PDF format to create a new edition of our famous free pattern: the Plantain tee!

Ever since its release in 2014, Plantain has become a must-have amongst free patterns. Three years later, it was time to revisit it! So, what’s new with our famous tee pattern?


PDF Format

This new edition of Plantain has all the cool features of our new PDF format. The graphics have been updated, the instruction booklet is more detailed and includes finished garment measurements, and the pattern can be printed on both A4 and US letter paper and in copyshop format!

The pattern also includes lengthen/shorten lines (as do all our other models), and the PDF file has size layers you can choose to show or hide before printing.



The tee pattern itself has seen a few changes, thanks to your feedback and to the many versions we have seen on the blogosphere!

_DSC0024 1-2

During the last few years, we’ve noticed that some of you had encountered fit issues in the armhole area, with drag lines on both sides of the neckline showing that the pattern was too tight at the upper bust. We have thus added some width to the upper bust in order to get a better starting point in terms of fit for most people. This led us to modify the sleeve head as well. We also regraded the neckline to make the transition more consistent between the smaller and larger sizes.

Moreover, we noticed that many of you tended to take in the hem of the tee, so we redrafted it with a little bit less flare to give it a more modern look.


Finally, we have extended the grading to include sizes up to 52! We have also changed the seam allowances: they are now 3/8” (instead of 5/8” previously), which makes them consistent with our other knit patterns.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new version of the Plantain tee! Download it now from your PDF library 😉

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francesca, March 27 2017

Oh, nice! Thank you:)

katie, March 28 2017

Sounds great, I look forward to trying to updated pattern!

Ally, April 1 2017

I was just about to sew this for the first time – will have to download the new pattern and give this version a go!

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