Choosing fabric for Narcisse

Written by Camille
May 11 2018 | Inspiration, Narcisse

Let’s wrap up the fabric selections today with the Narcisse pants!

Choosing fabric for Narcisse is a bit like channeling your inner Goldilocks: it needs to be not too light, not too heavy; not too stiff, not too slouchy!

First, you’ll need medium-weight fabric, at the very minimum 150 g/m² or 4.5 oz. When in doubt, lean towards heavier rather than lighter: very lightweight pants might be tempting in the heat of summer, but the fly-front and welt pockets of Narcisse still need a fabric with some substance, not to mention the solidity of the back seam. Nobody likes a wardrobe accident waiting to happen when you bend down! So leave aside rayon and cotton poplin, which are not adapted to this type of garment.

Drape wise, it’s better to avoid very stiff and rigid fabrics, such as heavy and tightly-woven twills, which wouldn’t do justice to the pants legs. We also advise you stay away from blends that contain elastane/spandex, as they would mess with the pockets and the drape of the legs. Fabrics that are just right include linens and wools, as well as thick cotton sateens and medium-weight cotton twills.

Once you check all these boxes, you can go wild! Solids or prints, with a contrasting stripe in a different color, or lace, piping, or cut on the cross-grain like our shop sample, the Narcisse pattern is your canvas to create your dream pants 🙂



Check back in next week to discover the versions of our testers and reviewers!

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Francesca, May 11 2018

Maltapost is being reaaally slow so I haven’t yet received my pattern darn them. Usually they get here in three days! Anyway, i have a question… i just measured myself and realised that my bottom half has expanded. So I need to get the pdf too. Can I get it at a better rate, pretty please?
Also – a while ago I received a newsletter which showed one of your patterns and attributed it to Named. I tried to send it to you guys but am not sure if you got it??

    Camille, May 11 2018

    We haven’t, we’ll email you directly!

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