New collection, and a few extra surprises!

Written by Eléonore
March 14 2017 | Goji, Hoya, Luzerne, Pattern News

It seems like our teasers on social media have left you overflowing with excitement… Well here it is, the new spring-summer collection! And it comes with a few surprises as well!

With this new collection, we are introducing three patterns to build your spring-summer wardrobe: the Hoya blouse, the Goji shorts and skirt, and the Luzerne trench coat!


The Patterns

This season, we designed our new collection as a wardrobe-builder: three pieces you can mix and match with the rest of your closet for maximum portability!

Hoya is a mock-wrap blouse with short or 3/4 sleeves, which looks as good worn over jeans than tucked into a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts. It can look casual or fancy depending of your fabric choice, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the interesting way it’s constructed!

Goji is a super versatile pattern: you can use it to make flared shorts or a paneled skirt! Its elasticated waistband is super comfortable for the warmer months, and features a drawstring and an optional paperbag version.

Finally, Luzerne is the masterpiece of this collection. If you’re aching for a challenge, it’s the pattern you need, with its two-piece sleeves, bound buttonholes, and pretty seam finishes. Its fitted shape will look amazing over your dresses and skirts, and will also work with more modern outfits 😉

A New PDF Format


No, you’re not dreaming: Deer&Doe is now offering PDF patterns! After several years, we had to face the facts: for sewists who live far away, purchasing our printed patterns can be a struggle (unreliable postal services, shipping delays…). So we decided to broaden our product selection by offering PDF patterns in addition to our existing printed format 🙂 .

We analyzed carefully all your answers to the survey we launched last year, and we’re now very happy to introduce PDF versions of our three new patterns Hoya, Goji, and Luzerne! We also updated our free Plantain tee, and will be adding our existing patterns as we go along.

We’ll tell you more about all the features of our PDF patterns in a dedicated blog post tomorrow 😉

And this digital format lets us introduce another surprise…

A Larger Size Range in PDF


We used to be constrained by our printed patterns’ format, but with this new medium we are able to improve our size range! We have extended our size chart up to a size 52, which is the largest size we can get from grading up our base block. We’re excited to make our patterns accessible to sewists who used to be right outside of our previous size range (but remember, only PDF patterns are available in size 48 to 52!).

For the occasion, we asked the lovely Bruume to model the new collection in size 48/50! Thanks to her for brightening up the photoshoot with her gorgeous smile and amazing attitude 🙂

Thanks as well to our photographers Will&Joan and our make-up artist Mily Cut’s for the amazing work they have done once again!

Special Offer


To celebrate this release, we decided to offer a spring-summer pattern bundle in limited edition! This bundle contains the three patterns in printed format and is available for 38.50€ tax incl. (instead of 42€) for the first 300 orders 😉

We are really excited about these changes, and we hope you are too! We’ll be back with more details on each pattern in the next few days!

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Elisabeth, March 14 2017

Wow, this is so cool, I do not even know where to start…
With Luzerne and me it is definitely love at first sight. Nothing to add here 😀
And I am SO happy you decided to offer PDF versions! I get nervous when I have only one physical specimen of a pattern (what if my cats tear it? what if I pour my tea over it?? what if my house burns down and with it the pattern??? ;-)), so the possibility to reprint it saves me a lot of headache! I am looking forward a lot to you adding PDF versions to your existing patterns.
Additionally, I love that you extended your size range. Everybody should have the opportunity to sew your lovely designs, no matter their size!
Keep up the good work! Love and Light from Germany!

Tatiana, March 14 2017

PDFs Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssss! Best news ever! I will buy them all, thank you so much to listening to us!

Jennie glaze, March 14 2017

I am loving the coat and that you have extended the sizes. Thank you

francesca, March 14 2017

Love the trench, such a great shape. Didn’t quite take to the top at first till I saw it tucked in, and then I took to it …. and you guys – I just spent a while searching the big Four sites for an elasticated skirt which wasn’t too much of a boring beginner’s look – how the hell do you do it? It’s like my wish was granted immediately:). I’ve been slowly getting over my elastic waist prejudice (my mentor aunt used to call them “a lazy and unflattering solution” – but the more time passes, the more I’m loving them for their ease of wear. And I’ve seen so many cute elasticated clothes around that the little voice has finally gone…. So basically, thanks, I grabbed the pack!

I am so pleased for all sewists of all sizes that you are doing larger sizes – pity they’re only PDFs which I hate with a vengeance. I’ve never had a problem with postal service or your shipping charges which are very reasonable, especially considering your patterns are not lightweight tissue, and am too anal about details to ever be happy when I put together a pdf – but AO is great:). Question – now that I can finally make something for my sis from your patterns, any chance of a deal for PDFs if one also buys the printed patterns? or is that being cheeky?

    Camille, March 14 2017

    Glad you like the patterns Francesca! We hadn’t thought about doing a special offer on the older designs’ PDFs for people who had already purchased the paper copy, but we’re going to think about it!

suzy, March 14 2017

Wonderful new patterns and being in Spain, I am so so glad you are offering pdf. Thank you. xx

nothy, March 14 2017

I only discovered you few months ago and am so happy with the new patterns. And while i prefer printed patterns, living in Canada shipping can be a lot of time and expense. I am looking forward to more and more of your patterns being available in pdf. I think it is a necessary business move.

Abbey, March 14 2017

Yay! Been stalking, I mean adoring y’all patterns for like ever and I can’t wait for you to update all the patterns to PDF. Between the exchange rate and the shipping, I could never justify the final total price for just 1 or 2 patterns, so I am glad for this progressive direction.

Daysi, March 14 2017

OMG! I just can’t wait for the rest of your patterns to be available in PDF format. As a sewing enthusiast from Mexico I really appreciate it!

Diane, March 14 2017

I like some of these new patterns, but I have to wonder about your pricing. How is a pattern for a simple blouse like Hoya the same price as a complex trench coat?

    Camille, March 14 2017

    That’s a good question! All of our patterns are at the same price point, because the time we spend working on a pattern is not necessarily linked to the complexity of the pattern itself: we also have to find smart and accessible ways to put the garment together, design and write the instructions, work on the fit (which often takes longer for less fitted patterns in order to get a flattering result), etc.

Michelle, March 14 2017

LOVE the new designs! And hooray for pdfs. As someone whose paper pattern order got lost in the mail on their way to New York pdfs are the best for your international customers. Thank you for being more inclusive with larger sizes. Beauty and creativity come in every size!
Only offering a bundle on printed patterns? Why not a pdf bundle as well?

    Camille, March 14 2017

    Thanks Michelle, you’re right!
    For the bundle, our idea was to reward our customers who collect all the printed patterns by offering a small discount, so they can afford the printed version if they want to instead of having to go with the PDF for cost reasons 😉

Megan @ The Green Violet, March 14 2017

So excited about the extended size range!! And the PDFs! Yay!! I really hope that the other patterns will also be extended as they are made into PDFs (and I would really love the jeans pattern 😉 ). Thanks!

    Camille, March 14 2017

    Yes they will! New PDF versions of existing patterns will also include sizes 48 to 52 🙂

Emelie, March 14 2017

So happy for the extended size range! 😀 Love all three patterns and looking forward for more in my size 😀

Shannon, March 14 2017

ACKKK!!! So excited about your extended size range!!! I gained weight last year and am just outside the old range.

Suzanne, March 15 2017

I’m so happy for the extended size range, as I’m just a bit too big for the normal range! What cup size are they drafted for?

    Camille, March 15 2017

    All our patterns are drafted for a C cup. You can find more information on our sizing on this page (we haven’t added the new sizes there yet but will do it soon 😉 ).

Sharyn, March 15 2017

Thanks for extending your sizes and offering the PDF version!!!! I don’t buy paper patterns due to the arm and leg it costs me to get things to the bottom of the world! You have made this New Zealander’s day!

c, March 18 2017


Erika, March 20 2017

Hooray I am happy to hear that you jumped onto the PDF bandwagon! I have a question though. When I browse your web site, but also in the plantain pdf pattern, the measurements given on the English-language version are always in inches whereas on the French version you go with the metric system. I, and I think a lot of others, do not speak French well enough to go for the French option. However, my country is on the metric system, just like France. Would it be possible to add the metric info to the English version in addition to the imperial? It would make things much easier and you have the measurements already anyway ;)!

    Camille, March 30 2017

    Thank you for your suggestion Erika! We’ll definitely take this into account for the next time we make changes to the product pages.

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