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Camille | March 23 2018

If you’re in love with the colorful prints of Dutch Wax Fabrics but you’re still scared of giving them a try, this post is for you! After our blog post on the origins of Dutch Wax Prints, we received a lof of questions: which of our patterns are the best for these fabrics? Do they […]

Eléonore | May 11 2017

Me Made May 2017 is in full swing, and like each year we are delighted to see how you wear Deer&Doe patterns in your daily life. This year we felt like celebrating you by selecting our favorite looks from the beginning of May! Brume by Ruth / Plantain by Elena / Mélilot by rosieupnorth Luzerne […]

Camille | April 19 2017

One of the technical points that give the Luzerne trench coat its tailored look is its bound buttonholes. If you find these scary, don’t worry! Follow this step by step guide and success is guaranteed 🙂 Before cutting the welt pieces, it’s important to check that the buttonhole size matches your buttons’ diameter. For Luzerne, […]

Camille | March 24 2017

To wrap up our series on fabric choice, let’s look at the Luzerne trench coat! For Luzerne, we recommend light to medium weight twill or gabardine. The fabric must have enough body: avoid wools and rayon blends, or you’ll lose the structure of the jacket. At the same time, the fabric has to have some […]

Eléonore | March 21 2017

Now that we have introduced the Luzerne pattern, let’s have a look at the trench coats made by our pattern testers and reviewers! Reviewer versions Two very different styles for House of Pinheiro and Damn Good Caramel, urban-chic for one and menswear-inspired for the other! Tester versions Emilie le Papillon went full retro with her […]