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Written by Eléonore
March 15 2017 | Pattern News

Today we’re telling you more about the new PDF format that we introduced in addition to our existing printed patterns!

For years, we have sold our patterns in printed format only. Today our context has changed: our audience is not just in France anymore but truly international, and even though we have always tried to keep our shipping prices as low as possible, we know that access to our patterns can be difficult to some of our farthest customers (unreliable postal services, shipping delays…). That’s why we decided to start offering our patterns in PDF format as well.

We were set on creating PDF patterns that would compare to our printed ones in terms of quality. So last year we conducted a survey to learn more about your habits and preferences with this format. We were so touched by the number of responses we got! Thanks to all of you, we were able to come up with a product that we hope will meet your expectations 🙂


What is in a Deer&Doe PDF pattern?

Each Deer&Doe PDF pattern contains:

  • a detailed instruction booklet in English or French
  • one or several files for printing the pattern at home on A4/US letter paper
  • one file in A0 format for printing the pattern at a copyshop
  • a guide to help with printing and assembling the pattern
  • a recap of all the files and versions

We tried to limit the number of pages to print and tape together as much as we could: whenever possible, we offer one file per version with only the pattern pieces needed for that specific version. A file for “all versions” is always available in case you want to mix and match variations!

In order to make reading and cutting the patterns easier, all our PDF files have size layers: you can hide the sizes you’re not interested in and print only the ones you want!

Finally, we offer two different methods for taping the patterns together: you can either trim the pages and tape, or use the paper’s transparency to overlap the pages 🙂

Your PDF Library

One aspect we cared about a lot was for you to be able to access your PDF patterns anywhere, anytime: downloading them on your computer to print the pattern sheet, reading the instruction booklet on your tablet, looking up yardage on your phone in the middle of your favorite fabric store… so we came up with a PDF library system that gathers all your Deer&Doe digital patterns in the same place.

To access your PDF library, log into your customer account or click on this link.


Select the language in which you want to download your pattern and click “Download”. A new window will open, which will show all of this pattern’s files. You can either download all of them by clicking “Donwload All”, or download only the files you need at the moment.


Once bought, all of your Deer&Doe patterns are available forever, with no time limit or limited number of downloads! They are also generated automatically for you and, just like our printed patterns, are for private use only. Since they are linked to your account, if you want to send one to a friend as a gift, you’ll have to purchase a Gift Voucher!

You want to try out the PDF library right away? We updated the free Plantain tee pattern, and it has already been added to your personal library!

We will be adding PDF versions of our existing patterns gradually. Let us know which ones you’d like to see first!

25 commentaires

Stephanie, March 15 2017

This sounds amazing. Wish I had waited to buy the cardamome dress! Seeing as I haven’t even sewn it up, I should have just waited!

Carla Lissa, March 15 2017

I am so happy you offer PDF’s now. Please SAFRAN put it on top of your list. Thank you.

    Simone K, March 28 2017

    Yes to the Safran pattern!!

Kayla, March 15 2017

Yay for PDFs! Please do the Melilot shirt. I’ve been wanting to get that one forever.

michelle, March 15 2017

Oh thank you! I really appreciate the thought you have put into this process. I will buy Melilot the instant it is available!

Lita, March 15 2017

Yay! I am so happy that you’ll offer pdf patterns! I’m hoping this to happen for so long 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait for Belladone, Melilot, Brume and Bruyere!

Elizabeth Blakney, March 15 2017

The LUPIN JACKET and the AUBÉPINE DRESS are the two I’d like to see most.

Lisa G, March 16 2017

So happy to see you’re expanding into the pdf market. Add me to the list of those wanting the Melilot!

Kath, March 16 2017

So so glad you’re doing pdfs finally – Belladone and the Lupin jacket please.

Bianca, March 16 2017


Nishia, March 16 2017

Hi. I almost missed this post, which would have been sooooo tragic. I want all of your patterns, like NOW. The only reason I don’t own them yet is because I live in South Africa and was hesitant about buying them and having them couriered. This post just made my day. Please keep up the fantastic work and thank you so much for going the pdf route.

Liz, March 18 2017

Lupin jacket! Will you be extending the sizing for your older patterns too?

    Camille, March 20 2017

    Yes! The PDF versions of our older patterns will also include sizes 48-52 🙂

Kylie, March 18 2017

Bruyere! This is so exciting!

Wilma, March 20 2017

Really happy about this! I will now get most of your patterns!

Wilma, March 20 2017

Oh and I have coveted the Aubépine, Bruyère and Cardamome for a long time now 😀

Stephanie, March 25 2017

I’m not so secretly rooting for the Safran pants, but I truely, all of them! I want to make them ALL! …That being said I’m sure you are following a process that is logical, ie looking at what is popular, or timelessly popular or perhaps one that could be reinvigorated – dusted off iff you will. I think what would help the anticipation or the wait is maybe a rough timeline, or ones to watch for in the near future… I try not to buy a new pattern until I’ve finished one of the million projects I’ve already started. It’s so hard,everything is so cute!

Simone K, March 28 2017

I second the Safran pants, I have been meaning to make a few skinny pants for the Spring/Summer/Fall and those look super cute!
And while I am here, a question on the new Luzerne Trench: can you tell me the printing dimensions for the Copyshop version of that? The thing is, I really like the sturdy paper you supply in your patterns, and I just found a shop nearby that can do blueprint printing on rolls of paper, but in order to see if they can do it, I would need the dimensions (cm or inches is fine, I can convert). If they can’t print the size, I will get the print copy from you, as I so love the look of your patterns and the neat envelope they come in!

    Camille, March 30 2017

    The copyshop file is in A0 format, so 841 x 1189 mm. Most print shops in Europe / America / Australia should be able to print this size 🙂 Note that for Luzerne there are two A0 pages to print!

Caroline, March 31 2017

The Melilot shirt in pdf please !!

Mary M, April 5 2017


Kim Mullen, April 5 2017

I have several of your printed patterns which I’ve seen, love them!! I’m so happy to see you are offering PDFs as well. The Aubepine is at the top of my wishlist now.

Jamie Jones, April 11 2017

I’d be pleased to see almost any Deer and Doe pdf additions, as I haven’t disliked any. However, a chance to buy the currently retired Anemone Skirt pattern in pdf form

    Camille, April 12 2017

    Hi Jamie! We are not planning to bring back Anemone, as the reasons we had for retiring the pattern are independent of the paper format. You can read the blog post we wrote about our decision for more info 🙂

Sarah, April 12 2017

Please do Zephyr ASAP!!!

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