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Written by Eléonore
April 3 2019 | Pattern News

Womp womp… The launch of our new collection was stopped in its tracks yesterday when we were victims of a DDoS attack (a huge number of robot connections aiming to crash our website). After this bit of a false start, the website and online shop are now back online!

Check out the Sirocco jumpsuit, the Agave skirt, and the Pensée dress on the blog and in the shop, and take advantage of our special offer – extended until Tuesday April 9th!

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Barbara, April 3 2019

So sorry to hear about the DDoS attack, especially after all the hard work you had getting the collection out. I hope you get plenty of people buying your patterns now that the shop is back up. The patterns are absolutely stunning so you deserve it! I already got my hands on the Sirocco jumpsuit and the Agave skirt 🙂

    Camille, April 3 2019

    Thank you Barbara!

francesca, April 3 2019

You poor things! I thought it was avid shoppers that crashed your website – I didn’t know it was an attack:(…creepy pigs, whoever it was who started this:(. (That was a censored insult, by the way).
Another gorgeous collection, of course! Congratulations:)

    Camille, April 3 2019

    That’s what we thought at first, so we were really surprised when we discovered it was indeed an attack. It’s mind-blowing the lengths some people will go to.

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