#Featured# Tassadit and her Ondée Sweaters

Written by Camille
January 21 2016 | Featured Garments, Ondée

Today we are putting the Ondée sweater in the spotlight, with the wonderful versions made by Tassadit from the blog Rue des Renards!

At Deer&Doe, we have had a crush on Tassadit’s retro and colorful style for a few years already. We even had asked her to present her Datura blouse made from upcycled men shirts here, back when the blog was mostly in French! Lately she has been showing some love to the Ondée sweater on her blog, with no less than five different versions! We couldn’t resist asking her to answer a few questions 🙂


For those who still don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in Brussels, where I teach English and Dutch in high school. I love my job, but I also have a lot of other interests, such as sewing and knitting of course, but also drawing and, when my schedule allows, millinery and shoemaking. I collect toy sewing machines, antique haberdashery and fashion magazines and a lot of (too much?) other stuff like that… I bike everywhere, which never stops me from wearing my favourite clothes!

Why did you choose this pattern? What details did you like?

I chose this pattern because I feel like it’s been created just for me! I love little cropped sweaters, they are what I knit/wear most often, and let’s not even speak about cute little collars, which I could simply put on each and every one of my tops and dresses! When I first saw the Ondée sweater on the day of its release, I waited for about fifteen seconds before ordering it, and we’ve been living happily ever since!

How many Ondée sweaters have you made so far? Are you planning to sew more of them?

I’ve sewn five Ondée sweaters (three with short sleeves and a collar, one short-sleeved without a collar and a cardigan with long sleeves), and I don’t intend on stopping there! I might make a few other ones in different colours with a white collar and other short-sleeved ones without a collar, at least one of which will be striped! And who knows, maybe a dress or two by adding a skirt to the top? This pattern is a real basic for me, and so easy and fast to sew!


What kind of fabric did you choose and why?

For the first one, I used a very stable cotton/lycra jersey knit, mint for the body, white for the collar. For the second and third ones, made in one afternoon, I used the same white knit for the collar and another slightly less stable cotton/lycra knit (dark blue for one, black for the other) for the body. The stability of the knit is not essential for the body (though I wouldn’t use a knit with too much drape such as a rayon one), but I think it does add something to the crispness of the collar. Finally, for the last two, that are in fact a twinset, I used one of my favourite pieces of jersey knit (once again cotton and lycra, more or less the same weight as the black and blue ones), printed with little foxes!

What do you think about the final look of the garment? Have you made any modifications?

I don’t think it will come as a shock that my opinion is quite positive! But really, the Ondée sweater has become one of my favourite patterns. And by far the one I’ve sewn the most, and the one with the most projects in my queue. It’s a simple T-shirt, so most easy and fast to sew, but its cut is so elegant (and did I mention the cute little collar?) that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a T-shirt but more of a cute blouse!


When and where do you plan to wear these sweaters? What are you going to wear them with?

I wear these sweaters on a daily basis, at work and outside of work. I pair them with high-waisted skirts such as my two Chardon skirts, my gathered skirts and others in the same style. It’s the silhouette I wear most often, from summer to winter!

Thank you Tassadit! ♥

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