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Category: Fit Adjustments

Camille | December 2 2021

The Sirocco jumpsuit has a tapered design through the legs, but the fit should never be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. That’s why today we are covering how to do a full calf adjustment. If you find yourself with fabric bunching up around your knees or pant legs that feel too tight across your calves, […]

Camille | December 1 2021

Let’s continue our tutorial series on the Sirocco jumpsuit with a full biceps adjustment! If your garments often feel tight around the upper arms, a full biceps adjustment could make them more comfortable for you. And this time, in order to figure out how much width to add to your sleeves, you don’t have to […]

Camille | November 30 2021

This week, we’ve prepared a whole series of blog posts on the most common fit adjustments for the Sirocco jumpsuit. Let’s start today with the most frequent: adjusting the bodice for a full bust. First of all, you’ll need to determine if you need a bust adjustment, and if so how much you need to add! […]

Eléonore | May 6 2021

We’ve previously demonstrated how to make adjustments on a princess seamed bodice for patterns like Coquelicot, so today we want to demonstrate how to do an FBA or SBA on a gathered bodice like the Orchidée dress and blouse. This tutorial will allow you to get a better fit with the Orchidée pattern, but it […]

Eléonore | October 29 2020

You’ve taken your measurements, checked out the sizing chart, and your waist and hip place you in different sizes. Don’t panic! Here’s how to grade the Acajou pants between sizes. In this example, we’ll grade from a size 42 at the waist to a size 44 at the hips. Only pieces 1 through 5 will […]