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Camille | March 25 2016

The Zéphyr dress can be used to build many different outfits, from the more sophisticated to the more casual! Here are a few examples… Depending of fabric and accessories, Zéphyr can be elegant with a belt and clutch, twee with a cute cropped cardigan, or very urban under a leather jacket. And though the crop […]

Camille | March 23 2016

Key piece for spring 2016, the button-down shirt is worn this year in all kinds of variations! Here are a few ideas to style Mélilot 😉 Urban or retro? With Mélilot, it’s your pick: depending of what details and fabric you choose, you can give this shirt a completely different look! It can be worn […]

Eléonore | February 3 2016

Did you know? Camille and I both married our significant others this past Fall! This year will be for both of us the first Valentine’s day with our husbands 🙂 For the occasion, I want to make a special outfit for a romantic candlelight dinner: maybe a pretty Chardon or Brume skirt with a low-cut […]