#Inspiration# Mélilot

Written by Camille

Key piece for spring 2016, the button-down shirt is worn this year in all kinds of variations! Here are a few ideas to style Mélilot 😉

Urban or retro? With Mélilot, it’s your pick: depending of what details and fabric you choose, you can give this shirt a completely different look! It can be worn over pants, with or without a half-tuck, or tucked into a high-waist skirt. Button it up to the neck for an edgier look: the soft curves of the collar will prevent you from looking too stern!


Mélilot gets along very well with other Deer&Doe patterns! Here is how we imagine it:

  • urban, in a pretty sheer voile and tucked into a pair of high-waisted Chataigne shorts
  • romantic in florals, worn with a pastel Brume skirt
  • preppy in a quirky print, tucked into a Chardon skirt
  • casual, simply worn loose over low-rise Chataigne shorts


What fabrics and associations are you imagining for Mélilot?

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