#1 + 1 = 3# A bombshell dress from Zéphyr and Brume

Written by Camille

You might have wondered if the princess-seamed bodice of the Zéphyr dress was compatible with the Brume skirt. Indeed it is! We named this very femme fatale pairing the “Zébrume” dress 🙂

When we updated the Brume skirt pattern to the new packaging, we also slightly narrowed the front panel so that its lines match perfectly with the princess seams in the Zéphyr bodice. If you already own the previous version of the pattern, you can achieve the same effect by taking some width from the center panel and adding a little to the yoke and side front pieces, using the Zéphyr bodice pieces as a reference.


To sew your Zébrume, follow these steps:

  • Cut all the pieces of Zéphyr but the skirt, and all of the pieces of Brume except for the waistband.
  • Follow the instruction booklet for the bodice until you have assembled the front and back at the shoulders and sides.
  • Assemble the skirt following the instruction booklet, stopping before the waistband step.
  • Assemble the bodice to the skirt, matching the bodice side seams with the skirt notches.
  • Finish the armholes and neckline, and hem the dress.

You now have a Zébrume dress! Its form-fitting skirt give it a more sexy and sophisticated feel than the skater skirt of Zéphyr. Just pick the length that feels right for you: I chose to make mine knee-length, halfway between version A and B of Brume.




What do you think of the Zébrume dress? Do you have other ideas of Deer&Doe patterns to mix and match?

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Jenny, March 21 2016

What a knock-out! I love this even more than the original dress! Beautiful.

Francesca Amodeo, March 22 2016

Stunning – and what a great idea!

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