Hack our patterns for Indie Pattern Month!

Written by Camille

Tomorrow will be the start of Indie Pattern Month 2016, a celebration of the sewing community and independent sewing patterns!

This year, Deer&Doe is a sponsor for the Hack It! contest, which will take place June 15th to 21st and encourages you to mix and tweak your favorite patterns. You have a chance to win two Deer&Doe patterns of your choice, among many other great prizes! All the information is on the contest website 🙂

For the occasion, we curated for you a small selection of our favorite hacks:

Pattern Hacks Deer&Doe

Babydoll Plantain dressHigh-low Réglisse dress (FR)Réglisse dress with buttonband (FR)
Zébrume dressChâtaigne skirt (FR)Belladone with heart-shaped cutout

Are you going to take part in Indie Pattern Month? What are you favorite hacks of Deer&Doe patterns?

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Caroline, June 1 2016

What happened to the cute heart shaped elbow patch tutorial? I can’t seem to find it on the blog anymore.

    Camille, June 2 2016

    Hi Caroline! We had lost the english translation of the tutorial when we switched to the new website, but I just put it back online. Here it is!

    Caroline, June 2 2016

    Yay! So cute!

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