#Tutorial# Adding Heart-shaped Elbow Patches

Written by Anna
February 12 2014 | Plantain, Tips and Techniques

Hello, everyone! As anticipated in my last post, today we’re going to see how to transform the regular elbow patches of the Plantain t-shirt into super cute hearts!

They’re the perfect touch for a romantic St.Valentine’s outfit or a cute detail to vamp up any boring t-shirt.
This is an extremely easy transformation.

Tutorial: Heart Elbow Patches

  • Trace a copy of elbow patch pattern piece and fold it in half.
  • Starting from the bottom, draw the shape of a half heart.
  • Cut the piece while it’s still folded, and you have a perfectly symmetrical heart!

Tutorial: Heart Elbow Patches

Now you just need to cut it twice from a contrasting or coordinating fabric and, according to the marks on the pattern, secure it on the sleeve using a generous amount of pins.

Tutorial: Heart Elbow Patches

Edgestitch in place using a straight stitch; the trick for the best looking result is to just take your time and when you get to a point or a steep curve, leave your needle down, raise the presser foot and shift the fabric.


And voilà! Your t-shirt is now ten times cuter!

Feel free to play with the size of the heart (you can make it smaller and chubbier for a subtler and even more adorable look) or use this tutorial as an inspiration to make your elbow patches into any shape you want!

Tango red and Crystal gray jerseys from Les Trouvailles d’Amandine.

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