Choosing Fabric for Azara

Written by Camille
September 13 2017 | Azara, Inspiration

To reveal its full potential, the Azara skirt has to be made out of a fabric with enough drape… but what about fibers or weight? Here’s our fabric selection!

The Azara skirt is both fitted and subtly flared. In order to keep its elegant silhouette, the choice of fabric is very critical! We suggest supple fabrics with a full-bodied drape, such as lightweight wools, crepes, midweight to heavyweight rayons, or drapey chambrays. You can also choose a lighter fabric, such as a cotton batiste, if you make sure that it is not too stiff.



To line the skirt, use preferably a lining fabric in rayon, polyester, or silk, and pick its weight based on the weight of your main fabric (the lining should always be lighter than the outside fabric). If you are making Azara for summer, you can use a cotton voile or skip the lining altogether, but be careful because most of the recommended fabrics tend to ride up when wearing tights!

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