Chardon skirts all year long

Written by Camille

Now that the Chardon skirt has been released in PDF format, we dived into our archives to look back at the life of this best seller pattern!

Released in 2013 in the first “spring-summer” Deer&Doe collection, the Chardon skirt was quickly adopted by many of you as a tried-and-true wardrobe staple. We’ve already seen hundreds of lovely versions shared on blogs and social media (check them out with the #ddchardon hashtag), and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon… The record is held at the moment by Barbara from Bee Made, who has sewn five of them! Who can top that?

One of the strong points of the Chardon pattern is its versatility: even though it was released in the spring, it works for all seasons. As long as the fabric it supple enough to avoid the pleats creating too much volume, anything goes, from rayon to wools.

In the spring / summer

WorshipBluesThe Quirky PeachPaunnet

Chardon skirts in lightweight fabric such as cotton lawn or chambray are perfect for the summer months. If you are looking for a swishy skirt, you can also use a cotton/rayon blend: rayon will give the skirt a beautiful drape and a slimmer silhouette, while cotton will ensure the solidity of the fabric. And for the hotter days of the season, a linen Chardon will let your skin breathe comfortably.

It’s also a great time of the year to have fun with colors and patterns: colorblock, wax, tiny flowers or pineapples… And of course, summery stripes, like in the lovely version made by Je vous le donne Emile featured in this post’s header.

In the springtime, Chardon works great with a rayon Mélilot shirt, a Bleuet dress shortened into a sleeveless shirt, or even a Givre tank top, for an adorable 100% handmade outfit!

In the fall / winter

Bee MadeEléonoreRomanne

Chardon is also great for colder weather, made out of heavier twills and cotton sateens. This is the season to play with textures: wool, velvet… Let’s not forget autumnal patterns, like dark florals and plaid. And with tights, you can go for the shorter version: just discard the bottom band of version B and hem the top part for a mini-Chardon!

In the fall, pair Chardon with a cosy Ondée sweater, a flannel Mélilot shirt, or an Airelle blouse for a preppy outfit.

The Chardon skirt pattern is available in printed format in sizes 34 to 46, and in PDF in sizes 34-52!

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