Backstage: our Sewing Studio

Written by Eléonore
September 27 2018 | Behind the Scenes

If we have been a little silent on the blog and social media this summer, it’s in part because we have been though a big change behind the scenes: Deer&Doe finally moved to a dedicated sewing studio!

Since the launch of the company in 2012, I had been working and designing the collections from the comfort of my own home… but with the arrival of a new tenant, it was time for me to separate my personal and professional lives, especially during those month when Camille comes to France to work with me!

After a few months looking for the perfect place, I got very lucky and discovered l’Espace Eclair (more about it below) right when one of their offices was becoming available! A summer later, we are comfortably settled in the new Deer&Doe HQ 🙂


This move was the opportunity to upgrade our furniture! Out with the low cutting table that was breaking our backs, in with the adjustable table and easily accessible tools!


Do you remember our blog post on wall art? No need to tell you where we found our inspiration 😉 .



The sewing corner is now more efficient, with all our spools on hand (and not just thrown into a messy drawer…), and all the cutting, sewing, and pressing happening within a neat triangle so that no back and forth in the room is needed.


Let’s not forget the desk corner, comfortable and cosy (after all, it’s where I spend most of my time during the year…).


I am completely in love with this space, which also has incredible light thanks to the huge windows overlooking some private gardens.

But the main advantage of this space is the location: l’Espace Eclair is a co-working space that brings together creative people from every walk of life: designers, architects, illustrators, editors, potters, jewelers… an artistic effervescence that is incredibly inspiring! It’s a real pleasure to work in such a unique space, even for a hopeless introvert like me 🙂 .






I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit of our new space! See you next Wednesday for the blog post you’ve been waiting for… the release of our new collection 😉

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PsychicSewerKathleen, September 28 2018

Gorgeous workspace for a creative! I think it’s a luxury all creative people need – to be working alongside other artists in an environment that’s bright with natural light, high ceilings and loads of space for all the things!

hazel, October 1 2018

I think this is great – it also inspired me to work as well because my “sewing space” is the living room table. Lovely height with the ironing board and iron set up in the bathroom, and work boxes neatly arranged on the floor, behind a room divider.

Samantha, October 3 2018

Your HQ looks inspiring. I do my sewing in my living room by choice but I can imagine that you must love your new work space. The photos looks beautiful. I’d love to see what it looks like when you’re busy.

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