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Written by Camille
January 7 2020 | Dressed, Featured Garments

For the release of our new book, we’ve decided to interview a few of our reviewers to learn more about how they think about their sewing practice and wardrobes in light of the method presented in Dressed. We end this mini-series with Laurence, aka Pimsy!

I’m a very spontaneous person by nature, and I think my sewing matches my personality. Spontaneous, sure, but still thoughtful enough – at least a little more in recent years. I buy less fabric even when a specific one catches my eye; if I don’t have one or two immediate projects in mind for said fabric, I prefer to postpone my purchase. This also applies to patterns.


As for sewing itself, things are a little different. On a daily basis I work in a uniform, so unfortunately I don’t wear what I sew that much. However, it allows me a little more eccentricity with what I do wear. Often, my projects start with a combination of fabrics; I almost always visualize a complete outfit (a top + a bottom and possibly a jacket, a dress, a jumpsuit…). Then I search my stash for patterns that match what I have in mind. Well, then I also search my closet for the perfect pair of shoes to wear with the outfit, but that’s another story! In the end, therefore, I always end up planning several projects at the same time.

My recent “difficulties” are directly linked to my eccentric side. I realized that in the end I had very few neutral basics and it became problematic for certain everyday situations – such as an interview or that sort of thing. Until now I bought my basic pieces in ready-to-wear stores because I found them boring to sew. But, just like I reduced my fabric purchases, I have also reduced my consumption of ready-to-wear. So I had to readjust my sewing and think of projects more suited to my needs of the moment.


My size is not an obstacle to my idea of fashion. That said, it definitely is for certain pattern brands.

Another issue that is little talked about in the end is the notion of size. I am a plus-size woman. A few years ago, when I started sewing, there were very few plus-size patterns. The few that existed didn’t correspond to my idea of fashion at all. The problem is that when you start and therefore have no clue about pattern making, sewing becomes frustrating. In this case, we often start sewing because we were excluded by ready-to-wear. And realizing that sewing also ultimately excludes us is quite annoying. I am definitely not a plus-size woman hiding behind her rolls; I like to dress up, and I feel great about the sexy side of some of my outfits. In other words, my size is not an obstacle to my idea of fashion. That said, it definitely is for certain pattern brands. A lot has been made to offer more trendy patterns in larger sizes, but I sincerely regret that this is not more mainstream.


I didn’t really discover new things by reading Dressed, but I was really happy with all the work done by the Deer&Doe team because this is a method that will help many seamstresses – beginners or a little more experienced – to structure their ideas, to project themselves more easily and to adapt their projects not to fashion trends, but to their genuine self. I used the chapter on project planning a lot to optimize my sewing projects. The idea of being able to mix handmade clothes endlessly (together, but also with the clothes already present in my wardrobe) is something that I want to push even more.

Dressed helped me focus my sewing. It allowed me to push my thinking a little further on my sewing choices and reconciled me with the idea of basics.

Dressed helped me focus my sewing. It allowed me to push my thinking a little further on my sewing choices and reconciled me with the idea of basics. I will not necessarily sew less (I don’t sew that much already!) but I will sew more useful projects. Now when I plan a strong piece, I systematically think of one or two basics that can go with it. In short, a great step forward.


My favorite patterns are the three that I have sewn for my review, which are the culottes, blouse and t-shirt. Easy-to-sew and flawless pieces. These are timeless pieces, customizable at will and that I can wear all year. That said, the midi dress has also caught my eye… I’m just waiting to find the perfect fabric.

Thank you Laurence for your thoughts! Check out her review of Dressed on her blog, and get the Dressed book (FR) in our online shop!

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Bárbara, January 9 2020

Is there already a (provisional) date for when the English version of the book will be available?

    Sylvie, January 10 2020

    Thanks for your enthusiasm !
    We do not have a release date yet for the English version of the book, but don’t worry : we shall inform you when we do.
    Thanks for your patience 🙂

Estelle Duff, January 13 2020

Hi so glad to hear that you have brought out a book and that it is coming out in english. I have long admired your patterns and when the book comes out I will definitely want a copy so that I can get sewing!

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