How Deer&Doe is handling the quarantine

Written by Eléonore
March 20 2020 | Behind the Scenes

Hi everyone! First of all, we hope than you and your loved one are all safe and healthy during these difficult times.
In France, a nationwide lockdown has been put in place to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. As for many of you, our activity has been impacted in many ways by this new context.

We are happy to announce that all of the Deer&Doe team members are healthy and were able to self-isolate with their family! Camille was in France at the beginning of the week, but she’s been able to travel back to her home and husband in the US safely. We are now working remotely again, although at a slower pace since Sylvie and I also have to look after our children.

Shop and expeditions

We had planned to restock all our paper patterns, but unfortunately our printer had to close their doors for the time being. The patterns that are currently out of stock won’t be back in the shop for a while, but we’re going to do everything we can to publish the last patterns missing in PDF format so that you still have the possibility to purchase all of our references.

Moreover, we’ve been informed that postal services have been partially interrupted in certain areas. We have decided to maintain expeditions, and we’ll ship all orders by private carriers until further notice. Delays are to be expected given the logistical difficulties caused by the pandemic, so we recommend opting for digital patterns when possible.

Upcoming releases

We had been working for several months on our new pattern. Unfortunately, with the pandemic worsening, we’ve had to cancel the pattern photoshoot which would have brought together two photographers, a make-up artist, and a model with whom we were very excited to work. Camille and I still managed to take a few pictures with minimal resources. We are currently reorganizing our plannings, as we try to find solutions that are both logistically and financially viable to release this pattern that we’ve put so much love and effort into.

As for the upcoming release of the Dressed book, it is still on the way and we’re currently exploring our options regarding its publication format!


Fortunately, sewing is one of these activities you can practice from your own home. To help keep your spirits up during the quarantine, we’ll try to offer you some ideas to use your pattern and fabric stash, and continue interacting with the community! Don’t hesitate to follow us on Instagram to keep up with these ideas 🙂

We wish you all the best, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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Janis Munro, March 22 2020

Thank you for this informative post.
Keep well and we look forward to new and exciting patterns and your book in the future.

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