#Outfit# Midi-length Chardon skirt

Written by Eléonore
May 3 2016 | Chardon, Featured Garments

You know it by now, we love when you hack Deer&Doe patterns to create unique garments!

For my #makenine challenge, I had planned to modify the Chardon skirt into a midi-length skirt. Here is the result in an outfit that transitions from winter to spring!


To create this lengthened Chardon, I simply drew lines extending the side lines of the skirt, and added 4 inches or so to the longest length (46). To get a more “couture” finish, I also traded the biais hem for a hem facing – similar to the one of the Belladone dress.


I am very happy with these changes, but I am not convinced by the fabric I picked: I used a thick and rigid twill which does add volume to the skirt, but it doesn’t have enough drape to look good when I am moving: it creases and crinkles with every step, which unfortunately makes this skirt unwearable… I will probably make it again in a drapier cotton sateen!

How about you, have you made modifications to your Deer&Doe patterns to create unique pieces? Are you participating in the #makenine challenge?

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Tereza, May 9 2016

I love the Chardon Skirt! However, my winter version was a complete fail for similar reasons. I used a slate grey corduroy with a nice sheen to make a work version for colder days. I made it long enough to cover my calves by lengthening and adding the band (bias cut to showcase the fabric texture). Alas, the stiffness killed it. It holds the pleats well, but like you said, it doesn’t move right and definitely doesn’t flatter my pear shape in this make. I hope to make a spring version soon in a semi-sheer polka dot print in teal with a soft rayon lining.

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