#Opium# Reviewers and Testers Round-Up

Written by Camille
October 16 2018 | Featured Garments, Opium

After Magnolia, here are now the Opium coats sewn by our wonderful pattern testers and reviewers!


Sarah (review) and Elodie (review) chose to make the belted version of Opium, which showcases the waistline. We love Sarah’s print mixing and Elodie’s monochrome look!


For Julie (test) and Lise (review), coat doesn’t equal drab color! In blue or orange, they are ready to illuminate wintertime.


Agathe (test) sewed a timeless piece in a grey coating, as did Elodie (review) who mastered plaid perfectly.


We are crazy about the bicolor version made by Emmanuelle (review), with the facing and pockets cut from a contrasting fabric. Laurianne (review) even added a hood to her corduroy coat! Check out the tutorial on her blog to do the same 🙂

You’ve liked Opium and Magnolia so much that their printed versions are now out of stock, but they’ll be back at the end of the month! Until then, check out their PDF versions or ask your local stockist 😉

Note: pattern testers and reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. The projects shown above are final test versions that are almost equivalent to the final pattern!

Our reviewers did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase, but have received the finished pattern in exchange for a blog post. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism!

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