#Mélilot# Ideas for summer

Written by Camille
June 12 2018 | Featured Garments, Mélilot

The sun is finally back, and we’re dreaming of Hawaiian shirts! A few ideas to sew a Mélilot shirt that smells of summer…


We love the tropical feel of these shirts by CatherineTasticottine (FR)Caroline, Anna Zoe and Lauren.

If you’re not a print person, you might love a solid shirt in a fresh color, like this one with long sleeves by Amy Nicole. In a silky fabric like a crepe or rayon, it’ll be comfortable all day long.

Another idea to enjoy Mélilot all summer, it’s to turn it into a dress! To do so, you only need to lengthen it using the “lengthen/shorten” lines that are already on the pattern. Find examples of Mélilot dresses on Self Assembly Required, Le Coussin du Singe (FR), or Bee Made (FR) (picture).

While a button-down shirt might seem too formal for a vacation, a Mélilot worn open would be perfect as a beach cover-up, or tied at the waist to warm up a sundress when it gets late. You can also follow the lead of Doudi (FR) and Jane who turned it into a pop-over!

Download Mélilot right away from the store, and check out the pictures of Sandra’s tutorial (FR) if you need extra help sewing it 🙂

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