Hack Myosotis into a Blouse

Written by Eléonore

Ever since its release, the Myosotis dress has met a huge success and social networks are filled with amazing renditions of the dress! Many of you have also modified the pattern to customize it.

For those of you who feel more comfortable with step-by-step explanations, here is a tutorial for the most common variation: a Myosotis blouse!


For this version, I chose to keep most of the length of the ruffle for an oversized shirt effect, but you can easily tweak the length to go for a peplum or crop top look!

1/ Modify the skirt

On the pattern sheet, trace the skirt piece #7A in your size. I chose to shorten the skirt by about 3/8”, but you can shorten it more or less depending of the result you’re after. Don’t cut the skirt ruffle (#9) or pockets (#8).

2/ Sew the blouse

Follow the instructions for parts 1 and 2. For part 3, skip steps 3-1 to 3-7. Instead, sew the front and back skirt panels (#7) at the sides, with right sides together. Press the seams open and finish the seam allowances.

Keep following the instructions from step 3-8 until the end of the booklet. Here’s your Myosotis blouse!



Let me take a moment here to introduce the new Deer&Doe intern! She’s not completely up and running yet, but what she lacks in experience she definitely makes up for in cuteness ♥︎.

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