#Playlist# Rainy weekend

Written by Eléonore
November 10 2016 | Inspiration

It’s grey and cold outside, we’ve said goodbye to daylight savings time, and bad news keep piling up… How about a long weekend at home, just you and your sewing machine?

We have the playlist just for you, one to listen to while sipping hot chocolate or tracing and cutting your favorite pattern. Press Play and enjoy one hour of musical comfort in good company 🙂

We’ve been listening to this playlist all week while designing and testing our new patterns, and it comes highly recommended by the Deer&Doe team 😉

It is also available on Spotify: Deer and Doe – Cloudy Days

We hope you’ll enjoy this playlist! Don’t hesitate to share your favorite songs with us.

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Erin Schaeffer, November 13 2016

Thank you so much for this post! My goal is to one day have a handmade wordrobe. I have always enjoyed sewing, but more and more see it as a tool of personal protest against the continued growth of unethical clothing manufacturing in places like china, phillinines, mexico, Jordan, India and other countries from where the United States and others import. . Thank you for your lovely and unique patterns that continue to inspire creativity and sustainability.

    francesca, November 14 2016

    Well said! Me too.

francesca, November 14 2016

Great playolist Eleonore! Thank you:).
looking forward to the new pattern:)

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