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Written by Eléonore
October 27 2020 | Featured Garments, Neige

Continuing with our review round ups, today we have five different sewing bloggers sharing their thoughts on the Neige sweatshirt.

We’ve included some highlights below, but we encourage you to visit their full posts for more photos and information. Thank you Emmanuelle, Barbara, Laurence, Marie, and Myrlene for taking the time to review Neige!

Emmanuelle of Zoubi Zoubisou chose to create version B of Neige in a medium weight hemp fleece fabric and Merchant & Mills striped ribbing. She also decided to highlight the style lines on the sleeves by adding piping to the seams! Such a clever idea and we love the result.

The Neige sweatshirt doesn’t require much fabric: I hardly used 1 yard for my version. And one of the appealing features of this pattern is the 3-piece statement sleeve which allows one to get creative with colour blocking or scrap busting. Overall, I’m happy with how my little sweatshirt turned out. It’s cozy, it’s green, and I’ve been slipping into frequently as I’ve resumed the packing. It’s my turtle shell! I’m looking forward to sewing more of them.

Emmanuelle of Zoubi Zoubisou

Barbara of Maison Elpida sewed not one, but two versions of Neige, and we love them both! The first is version B, paired above with the Zephyr skirt. Although this is the sportswear-styled version, Barbara’s fabric choice have really dressed up the look.

The second one she made is version A, constructed with a herringbone quilted double-knit in burgundy, navy, and beige, and paired here with the Safran jeans. She also added a lovely embroidery detail for an extra special touch. The sleeve yokes are a great opportunity for color-blocking, which Barbara did to excellent effect in both of her sweaters!

Before sewing my two versions, I had only seen the technical drawings. When the collection came out, I noticed that none of the samples had made contrasting sleeve yokes. In my head however, it was obvious and I assumed that was what was “recommended.” It is so interesting to see how a simple technical drawing can affirm a completely personal creative projection! . . . I have now worn both of my sweatshirts several times. They are all I need right now: comfortable but with style.

Barbara of Maison Elpida

Laurence of Pimsy coud des trucs created version A in a khaki milano knit, opting to lengthen the hem and turn it into a sweater dress. Her goal was an autumnal chic (but comfortable) Parisian look, and we think she pulled it off!

When I received the pattern, I instantly imagined him in a dress. In the cooler seasons, sweater dresses are my ideal uniform. Paired with heeled boots, this outfit is the perfect feminine combo in my opinion . . .  As with every other [Deer&Doe] pattern I’ve sewn to date, I had no problem with the assembly or instructions.

Laurence of Pimsy coud des trucs

Marie of Marie Stitched Up also created a dress version Neige using a jacquard knit, and decided to keep the split side hem detail at the longer length. She also created a black ponte version that her daughter loved so much, she kept it for herself! Read Marie’s full post for some tips on fabric choice and sewing the seams with a serger.

The new Deer and Doe collection could be seen as slight departure to their usual designs. Loungewear and casual is not something I would associate with the brand, but look a little closer, and that chic nod and attention to detail can be seen . . . I am really pleased to have this cozy and comfortable, but stylish addition to my wardrobe.

Marie of Marie Stitched Up

Myrlene of MyMy CraCra decided to sew version B in a bright mustard brushed fleece, which provides such a fun pop of color in the cooler seasons. This was her very first knit project, and she did a fantastic job!

The sleeve inserts of the Neige sweater are THE detail that made me fall in love with this pattern. Indeed, it was the first time that I had tried sewing a stretch fabric. I was hoping to finally learn how to use my serger, but since it was not in the mood I decided to proceed by machine, instead. If you are a fellow beginner, don’t panic! The instruction booklet contains all of the information you need to get started with knits.

Myrlene of MyMy CraCra

We are always so impressed with the creativity and talent of our pattern reviewers – thank you again for sewing and sharing the Neige! We hope that these images have inspired you, and we encourage to visit each blog for even more information and photos.


Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. Our reviewers featured in this blog did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase. Their feedback is based on the final version of the pattern only. In exchange for their honest review, they received an early copy of the finished pattern as well as a purchase credit for fabric and supplies. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism.

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