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Written by Camille
July 18 2023 | Eucalyptus, Featured Garments

It’s that time again! Prior to every collection release, we ask different sewists to try out our patterns and share their honest opinions. This allows you to see the garment in varying styles and fabrics, and get a better idea from our reviewers of what it will be like to work with the pattern. Today, we are sharing the first review roundup from our new collection: the Eucalyptus jumpsuit.

We’ve included some review highlights below, but we encourage you to visit everybody’s full posts for more photos and information. Thank you to Monica, Katie, Axelle, and Ninah for taking the time to review Eucalyptus!

First up we have Monica of @slowrituals.studio, who sewed this incredible denim version of Eucalyptus. We love following Monica for her classic & tailored sense of style, and her Eucalyptus did not disappoint! The lightweight denim she chose is perfect for highlighting the structured lines of this pattern, while still keeping it casual enough for daily wear.

I absolutely love how this garment turned out […] In terms of sewing, I found the instructions clear and straightforward. Other than fit (mainly due to my height) I didn’t make any mods! I wasn’t sure how I’d find the back opening but, in the end, I love it! It’s quite a clean silhouette.

[I]t compliments my current summer wardrobe well! It’s the perfect balance of clean and Will definitely try making more jumpsuits in the future!

Monica of @slowrituals.studio

Up next is Katie of @katiemakesadress, with a sweet but dramatic Eucalyptus. Katie’s feed is full of fun, whimsical, and girly makes, and we love the soft quality the light pink fabric imbues in this jumpsuit. Perfect for Barbie summer!

[L]et’s just say I feel like a fancy, put together boss when I wear this . . . I raised the armholes an inch (tbh I could raise them more) and shortened the bodice 1/4 inch. I also omitted the back bodice facing, added two darts to match the darts on the pants and sewed the waistband to the back bodice so it’s all attached.

The bust fit is quite awesome. I made a straight size 48 and could have sized down a wee bit but the elastic waist helps and it’s incredibly comfortable. Anyway, all that said, I love how it turned out and I’m not generally a jumpsuit person. It’s my version of a power suit. The wide leg and collar details make it feel quite luxe and designer.

Katie of @katiemakesadress

Here is Axelle of @creaxou.s with the shorts version of Eucalyptus, made in a stretch cotton sateen. Axelle has such a talent for working with prints and textures, and her feed is a great source of style inspiration. We especially love what a great example this version is of the versality of this design. Doesn’t the cute polka dot print showcase the retro inspiration in this design?

I really loved sewing this pattern, in particular the bodice design with two darts in the front and the peekaboo effect in the back. I didn’t have any particular difficulties with assembly and felt that explanations were very clear, although I’ll admit that 5/8″ seam allowance took some getting used to! I’m pleased with final design and this pattern fits me really well […] Thank you Deer&Doe for your trust with this pattern! 🖤

Axelle of @creaxou.s

Last but certainly not least, we have Ninah of @ninahhbulles. You may recognize Ninah from her Orage review last year, and we brought her back again to see her take on the Eucalyptus jumpsuit. We’re so honored she agreed to dive into the world of jumpsuit sewing with this pattern, and we’re super impressed with her results!

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone today with Eucalyptus by Deer&Doe! This is my very first jumpsuit I’ve sewn. 🤩 Deer&Doe invited me to try their latest jumpsuit pattern and it’s an absolute looker! I used different fabrics from vintage kimonos, which also makes this my first large patchwork piece! A double challenge. 🥰🌻

Ninah of @ninaahbulles

As always, we are so inspired by our team of reviewers. Thank you again to everybody for taking the time to sew and review the Eucalyptus jumpsuit (available in sizes 34-60). We can’t wait to see more of your versions in the months ahead!

Note: Pattern Testers and Reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. Our reviewers featured in this blog did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase. Their feedback is based on the final version of the pattern only. In exchange for their honest review, they received an early copy of the finished pattern as well as a purchase credit for fabric and supplies. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism.

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