Choosing fabric for Lupin

Written by Eléonore
March 16 2016 | Inspiration, Lupin

Today we continue to explore the world of fabrics by showing you our selection for the Lupin jacket!

For its draped front to look good, the Lupin jacket needs to be made in a soft and drapey fabric: linen, lightweight wool, chambray or even suede will be ideal to showcase its potential without adding too much weight.

Avoid thick fabrics that could add too much bulk: don’t forget that Lupin is lined! Don’t hesitate to look at the insides of your ready-to-wear jackets to have a better idea of the right thickness. You can also play with fibers and textures to create contrasting sleeves (think Letterman jacket!) 🙂 .


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For lining Lupin, you should pick a slippery fabric that will allow you to slip the jacket on and off easily. Polyester is not the only option: you can also choose to use rayon or silk! If you want to stick with cotton, use a very lightweight batiste or voile that won’t weight down the jacket too much.

If you are making Lupin in a plain solid color, the lining is where you can add a bit of fun! A quirky print or a bright color can be a nice detail that makes you smile when you put on the jacket 🙂



What are your projects for Lupin? What fabric associations do you have in mind?

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Francesca Amodeo, March 17 2016

I bought some gorgeous cotton/viscose tweed with an ivory base and bright colours woven in from sewoverit:).

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