#Fit# Rise Adjustments on Eucalyptus

Written by Eléonore
August 3 2023 | Eucalyptus, Fit Adjustments

Up next in our fit series, we want to show you how to adjust the rise of the Eucalyptus jumpsuit!

Like all Deer&Doe patterns, Eucalyptus is drafted for an average height of 5’6″ (1m68). Depending of your height and proportions, you might have to add or remove some length from the rise. This is a very simple modification, as we will see together!

1/ Draw a horizontal line (perpendicular to the grainline) through the crotch curve and side seam of the front leg piece. Make sure the adjustment line is placed below the fly area so you won’t have to make any changes to the placement of the buttons. The fly opening of Eucalyptus is long enough to allow you to put the pants/shorts on even with a longer rise.

2/ Draw another horizontal line at the same level on the back leg piece.

3/ Slash both pants legs at the line you just drew, and spread the pieces apart until the gap in between the top and bottom of each pant leg equals the amount of your adjustment.

4/ Tape together and secure the pieces you just adjusted. Take a new sheet of pattern paper and trace the edges of each pant leg.

Shortening the rise works the same way, except you will be overlapping the pieces instead of spreading them. Note that if you need a major length adjustment (above 1.5″), you might have to reduce the fly length.

Congratulations, you are now ready to adjust the rise of your Eucalyptus jumpsuit. We also have a tutorial for adjusting the bust of this pattern.

We can’t wait to see your perfectly fitted jumpsuits!

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