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Written by Eléonore
May 5 2020 | Inspiration, Passiflore

Let’s finish this inspiration series with version C of Passiflore: the shirt!

Today we look at three very different ways to make this menswear-inspired garment fit into your style and wardrobe.

Minimalist chic

Make a timeless, chic and minimalist shirt by choosing natural fibers and a solid, understated color. Lightweight cotton lawn, linen and linen-rayon (3-5 oz.) will guarantee an impeccable result!

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Fun and feminine

Tucked into a high-waisted pair of pants or shorts and sewn in a retro print, Passiflore becomes quirky and super feminine! Choose a very lightweight and drapey fabric (around 3 / 3.5 oz.) such as rayon, modal or cotton crepe.

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Layered up

Another way to wear this shirt is to layer it on top of another garment. You can size up to be even more comfortable! For this style, use lightweight cotton, rayon or tencel (3-6 oz.) and make sure that the color scheme works with the rest of your wardrobe 😉 .

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this inspiration series! Check back soon to discover the lovely versions sewn by our reviewers…

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