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Camille | April 15 2024

The last ten years of running Deer&Doe have been incredibly fulfilling, but life is full of changing seasons and the time has come for me and Eléonore to write the next chapter of our lives. So while this is goodbye for us, it is with much excitement that we are announcing the sale of Deer&Doe […]

Camille | February 2 2021

We have some big news to share with you. We are pleased to announce that in 2021, Deer&Doe will be expanding our size range. We spent the second half of 2020 diligently researching what it would take to increase our sizes, and it’s time to share our plans with all of you. While many details […]

Camille | May 22 2013

Shirring is one of these things that brings up a lot of memories. Mostly about these dresses you had as a child and that were always just a tiny bit scratchy 😉 Still, shirring can be a cool way to make an elastic waist on a dress! Today we’ll see how to replace the elastic […]