Aubepine: retrospective

Written by Camille
October 25 2016 | Aubépine, Featured Garments

The Aubépine dress, now in a new edition with updated packaging and even more detailed instructions, has just celebrated its third anniversary!

In those three years, we have seen a lot of beautiful versions! With short or three-quarter sleeves, worn with or without the drawstring, this dress has always been recognized as a feminine, comfortable and carefree pattern 🙂


Emilie Le Papillon | Cap’taines Crochettes | Moun | Perrinpimpim
Laurie | L’Ombellifère | Yasmine Gely | Paunnet

The highlight of this pattern is definitely the tucks on the bodice and sleeves. Follow our tutorial to learn how to sew perfect tucks. If you prefer a quick and easy project, this second tutorial will teach you how to remove them altogether! And if you need to make a full bust or small bust adjustment (FBA/SBA), we’ve got you covered.


If you’re looking for pattern-hacking inspiration, there are some great projects on the sewing blogosphere as well. Check out the Aubépine dress made by Biquette: she added tucks to the skirt’s hem, and even some to the drawstring! On her blog, Sandra is showing you (in French) how to turn the Aubépine pattern into a blouse, using the lower half of the Datura blouse pattern!


So, how do you want to make your Aubépine dress?

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PsychicSewerKathleen, October 25 2016

Love this pattern! I really love it too as a blouse. Actually I love all your patterns and look forward to many more in the future 🙂

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