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Eléonore | September 9 2016

You’ve been dreaming of a homemade wardrobe, and you were wondering which Deer&Doe patterns you could pair with your Safran pants? We imagined for you a few outfits in very different styles! Folk, classic, streetwear… With the right fabric and variation, your favorite patterns will play along 🙂 Lumberjack Plaid shirts and skinny jeans are […]

Eléonore | March 31 2016

The Lupin jacket is our very first pattern with double welt pockets! Do not worry, though, it is much easier to sew these pockets than it looks 😉 Follow this step-by-step guide to make your very first double welt pocket! Start by preparing your pattern pieces: the one on which to make the pocket, the […]

Camille | March 28 2016

Lupin is a very versatile jacket, which can work as well with a vintage-inspired outfit than as part of a streetwear look. Here are a few pointers on how to wear it! With its modern shape, Lupin will be the perfect companion of  romantic silhouettes and will bring them a rock’n’roll flair. It will also […]

Eléonore | March 16 2016

Today we continue to explore the world of fabrics by showing you our selection for the Lupin jacket! For its draped front to look good, the Lupin jacket needs to be made in a soft and drapey fabric: linen, lightweight wool, chambray or even suede will be ideal to showcase its potential without adding too […]

Eléonore | March 11 2016

After looking at a dress and a shirt, we complete our spring wardrobe with the Lupin jacket! Lupin is a short casual jacket that involves many different techniques… but don’t be scared of the lining and welt pockets! All our pattern-testers said so: sewing Lupin is fun and very accessible 🙂 Hybrid between Letterman and […]