Wedding Season: Lalaland inspired

Written by Camille

With the nicer weather comes the start of wedding season! What better occasion to sew yourself a beautiful dress? 😉

Today we are looking for inspiration in the stunning costumes of the highly acclaimed movie Lalaland. Whether you are a guest or part of the wedding party, the feminine dresses and saturated colors worn by Mia (Emma Stone) are perfect for these joyful occasions.


Belladone by Cousu Dodu, J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites, and Aleksandra | Réglisse by Pimsy, Alisonrea, Aiguille Coupon Ciseaux, and Hyer Handmade | Centaurée by Camille | Zéphyr by 3 étoiles

To fit with the fun spirit of the movie, pick a lightweight and drapey fabric for a dress in which you will dance all night long. Centaurée is perfect for the drapier rayons, while Réglisse will be lovely in a cotton voile or thin satin. And why not treat yourself to a beautiful silk, or use lace for the cut-out back of the Belladone dress?



Are you going to be attending any weddings this year? Are you planning to sew your dress?

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