New Spring-Summer 2016 patterns!

Written by Eléonore
March 2 2016 | Lupin, Mélilot, Pattern News, Zéphyr

The suspense is ending: it’s time to unveil the three patterns of our new Spring-Summer collection!

Even after four years running Deer&Doe, I would be lying if I told you I don’t have butterflies in my stomach before releasing a new collection… So I’m holding my breath to present the result of the past 6 months of work: let me introduce Zéphyr, Mélilot, and Lupin!

The Zéphyr dress


Zéphyr is a knit skater dress with a little extra something: princess seams make it both comfortable and flattering, with a perfect fit! Zéphyr is offered in three different variations: version A has an urban and sportswear feel with its crew neck, version B is sexy with its plunging V neckline, and version C is a crop top and skirt combo. With such versatility, Zéphyr is the perfect wardrobe-builder for this summer!

The Mélilot shirt


One thing is for sure, button-down shirts are going to be everywhere this spring! They are all-over the stores at the moment, and we are offering you a feminine and casual interpretation of this timeless piece with Mélilot! The Mélilot shirt is subtly cinched at the waist and has a very soft look, from its curved hem to its rounded collar and sleeve cuffs. It exists in two variations: version A is more classic, with long sleeves, drop shoulders, a hidden button-band, and a rounded collar. Version B is more casual, with cuffed short sleeves, a mandarin collar, and two chest pockets.

The Lupin jacket


Many of you were dreaming of a spring jacket. We took up the challenge with Lupin, an hybrid between Letterman and double-breasted motorcycle jackets. Lupin is entirely lined and was designed to be worn with high-waisted dresses and skirts, but will also work with jeans and sneakers 😉 . Rock in leather or suede, preppy in flannel, or urban with color-blocked sleeves, it is a versatile pattern that will definitely draw some attention!

Spring-summer 2016 bundle


To celebrate the release of our new patterns, we decided to offer a limited edition spring-summer 2016 collection bundle with Zéphyr, Mélilot and Lupin! This bundle is available at the discounted prince of 38.5 euros (instead of 42 euros) for the first 300 orders 😉

We hope that you like this new collection! We also wanted to thank Emilie Le Papillon who wears these new garments wonderfully on the presentation pictures, and whose huge smile is brightening the whole shop today! After your feedback on the Fall-Winter 2015 collection saying that a lot of you had trouble identifying with our model Elisa, we decided to showcase our patterns on two different and complementary silhouettes, and we hope that this is helping you imagine your own versions of the patterns!

Big thanks to Will&Joan, the geniuses behind our amazing pictures, and Mily Cut’s and her magic fingers who did all the hair styling and make-up 🙂

We will give you all the details on each pattern starting tomorrow, in the meantime don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the comments!

– Zéphyr version A : Heather jersey knit from Ma petite mercerie
– Zéphyr version B : Light scuba knit from Mondial tissus
– Mélilot version A : Rayon from Ma petite mercerie
– Mélilot version B : Linen from Cousette
– Brume version A : Cotton-spandex from
– Lupin 1 : Robert Kaufman flannel
– Lupin 2 : Deer&Doe chambrayQuilted jersey from Filetik

16 commentaires

Annika, March 8 2016

I not only love the new patterns and can totally imagine myself wearing each of them, I also love your new model! That smile is so great and as you say brigthens the whole shop. Plus finally seeing someone pear-shaped wearing these clothes, gives me an much better idea of how it’ll look like on me. You know what would be cool: If there was a button at the top of your shop where one could choose whether one wants to see the previews of the pear shaped or more straight model!

    Eléonore, March 8 2016

    Thank you Annika for your sweet comment and the great idea ^^

Francesca Amodeo, March 8 2016

Love the whole collection, the little jacket is just what I need! Bought it all. For a change…..:).

Beautiful photos, like always! I follow Emilie’s lovely blog – both of you make great models, it doesn’t show that it is not your profession:).

I had no problem with your previous (gorgeous) model. I grew up sewing with Burda and learnt to look at the pattern flats not just the photos to get an idea of the design -combine that with self knowledge and I can even work with the Vogue patterns where there is no actual dress, just a drawing. Not that I like it,as I do like to see a proper presentation.

I must say I love your idea of having two different body shapes – for people with limited imagination it makes a huge difference. I think some indie patterns suffer by always being self modelled. A few designers have particular body shapes that fill out clothes in ways that makes it hard to imagine what the garment actually looks like – combine this with badly drawnl pattern flats and you have a pattern I won’t buy unless I see it made by quite a few people with different body shapes which helps one get a better idea. To be honest, I hardly ever buy indie patterns any more unless they’re D&D. Your designs tick all my super fussy requirements:).

Thank you so much for another lovely collection, and may I say I love the way you respond to our sometimes petty requests.

    Eléonore, March 8 2016

    Thank you Francesca <3 <3 <3

Jessica Malcolm, March 8 2016

I love that jacket!!! All of the patterns are great, but the jacket takes the cake for me!!

Linda LaMona, March 8 2016

Nice new patterns! Like Jessica noted above, the jacket takes the cake for me too!

Ebi Poweigha, March 8 2016

Everything is English!!! Has it always been this way?

Anyway, I LOVE Deer And Doe. Love. I’m wayyy bigger than your size range, so I haven’t successfully made anything yet, but I will. This new collection is perfection, I love all three designs and plan to get the bundle. 🙂

As for the model, I didn’t even notice her/them (are there two?) — which is a good thing. Because yes, the last collection’s model/photography/mood was a bit depressing. 🙁 It’s awesome you’ve taken the time to listen to customer response: it just makes me like D&D that much more!

    Eléonore, March 8 2016

    Thank you Ebi! I’m very moved by your comment, we try very hard to take all your comments into account while creating a new collection and are very happy when you love the result ^___^ (we also remade the website so it detects your browser language 😉 ). I would be very happy to see the result of your sewing, don’t hesitate to send us a message when you make the patterns!

Heather Lou, March 8 2016

Everything looks gorgeous Eleonore! Love the new model and the coloured backdrop is gorgoeus. Having real website envy right now 😉 Marvellous work!

    Eléonore, March 8 2016

    Thank you Heather! 😀 I’m super flattered you like the new collection and website!!!

Anna Irving, March 8 2016

What a lovely collection.
I must say that I quite liked the last model but I also like these ones too… Emilie’s smile is infectious!
I’ve bought the whole collection (to go with every other pattern you’ve released) and am looking forward to all of them!
Congratulations on yet another win.

amybrice, March 8 2016

Congrats on the new collection. It’s really lovely. The jacket is my favorite, so fresh and perfect for spring. I adore it 🙂

Yusewing, March 9 2016

The new collection looks great! I am particularly inspired by the jacket but a bit uncertain about what fabrics could work since I have not experience with sewing outerwear. I have a lovely medium weight green linen that might work… The shirt is also lovely: I especially like the execution (worn by the model) of the version with short sleeves. I would have never thought to like a short sleeved shirt but the proportions of this seems to work very well for me. What is the level of difficulty of these patterns?

    Camille, March 9 2016

    I’m glad you like the collection! The Lupin jacket is a 3/5 for difficulty (intermediate) as there are several advanced techniques such as lining and welt pockets, but they come with detailed step by step explanations in the instruction booklet. The Mélilot shirt is a 4/5 (intermediate-advanced).
    For Lupin, you need a fabric that has is not too heavy or too thick (because the jacket is lined and has some gathering at the waist) and has a nice drape, so that the panels in the front drape well. Something like flannel or chambray is ideal, but if your linen is not too rigid it would work wonderfully. I’m actually sewing my own version out of beige linen as we speak!
    We are also preparing a post on choosing fabric for Lupin in the next few weeks so stay tuned 😀

Jordan Wester, March 10 2016

This model is lovely, but your last model was very beautiful too! I like that you have variety in models.
The Mélilot is so beautiful. I love that you have a long sleeve and a short sleeve, as well as different collars and button fronts.
I am in love with your new branding. I really appreciate all the care you have taken to give your customers the best experience- from the website redesign to revising your patterns after getting customer feedback.

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