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Written by Eléonore
March 9 2016 | Featured Garments, Zéphyr

Thank you so much for the warm welcome of the new collection and our new model Emilie yesterday! Today we are going to tell you more about the lovely Zéphyr dress 😉


Nothing like a pretty knit skater dress to spend a great summer! Comfortable, feminine and carefree, Zéphyr will adapt to any situation thanks to its many different variations.

Zéphyr is a semi-structured dress, designed to be made in mid-weight stable knits. Ponte, cotton-spandex, light scuba or thick rayon knits will be perfect to give this dress some body while remaining comfortable 🙂 . Make sure you pick a knit with at least 30% stretch to get satisfying results! We will write a detailed post on how to pick the right fabric for Zéphyr next week.

Zéphyr is pretty easy to sew so it gets a 2 out of 5 for difficulty. The only tricky point is sewing the neckline band of the V-neck of version B: this step requires precision and you might need a few tries before achieving perfect mastery! Apart from this detail, Zéphyr is a very gratifying pattern: quick to trace and quick to sew for maximal satisfaction 😉

Testers’ versions


BruumeZibusineCamilleMag – EmilieCamille

We hope you like the Zéphyr dress! Do you have any projects in mind for this pattern?

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Iris Montgomery, March 9 2016

Yes! It is perfect for the ballet pink solid and flowered scuba fabric that I got at Spandex House. Mine is kinda thick though. Flowers on the top and solid for the skirt.

Francesca Amodeo, March 9 2016

oh hes. I have some Liberty jersey in cotton and lycra which I think will be perfect. Thanks for mailing so quickly, I know it will be here in a couple of days:)

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