Get ready for Halloween with Deer&Doe!

Written by Camille

October is here, and that means Halloween will soon be upon us!

To be honest, dressing up on October 31st is not really a thing in France. Neither is carving pumpkins, or filling your house with spooky decorations… But as it turns out, Halloween is Eléonore’s favorite holiday, and mine too!

We started brainstorming costume ideas that could be made using our patterns, and we had such a blast that we decided to share them with you. If you start now, you’ll definitely have time to sew one of these in time for a costume party!


Become Mary Poppins in a white eyelet Mélilot shirt and a black Zéphyr skirt, or channel your inner Daria in a black Chardon skirt, ochre Plantain tee and a forest green Lupin jacket.


Looking for something a little more revealing? Go Pokemon hunting in a Zéphyr crop top and Safran jeans cut into shorts, or sing “You’re the one that I want” in high-waisted pleather Safran pants.


Cardamome dress both ways! Go with a black floral print and a white collar for a Wednesday Addams costume, or go crazy with the novelty prints to pay homage to Ms. Frizzle.


Simpler projects work just as well! You could be Louise from Bob’s Burgers in an Arum dress (our easiest pattern), or Waldo in a red and white striped Plantain tee! Although… if you want to go the distance, you could also make your own Safran jeans 😉

Are you dressing up as anything for Halloween this year? Are you going to sew something for the occasion?

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Caitlyn, October 5 2016

Yes and yes! It’s an amusing coincidence that your moodboard includes Misty from the Pokémon series, because u had considered doing that exact thing. Instead, I’m going to dress as a Pokémon Go trainer and my husband is going to be Ash Ketchum. I’m making both costumes, and I’m having a blast!

    Camille, October 5 2016

    That sounds like a lot of fun! Eléonore and I both played Pokemon Go a lot this summer 😀

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