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September 23 2016 | Bruyère, Featured Garments, Safran

Hi y’all! After Eléonore last week, it’s my turn to show you my Safran outfit!

I was very inspired by the “pin-up” association and the retro moodboard we published a few weeks ago, so I took advantage of the last few days of summer to wear this sleeveless crop top, before I have to go back to cosy flannel shirts.


This is a hack of the Bruyère shirt that I had planned as part of my Make Nine challenge. In order to turn this shirt into a crop top, I cut a second set of waistband pieces and interfaced the outer waistand. Instead of sewing the skirt, I stitched the waistband lining to the waistband, right sides together, then I turned it on the inside and enclosed all the seam allowances by topstitching around the edges. I also lengthened the bodice by 3/4″ (because I have a long torso) and shortened to button band to match the other pieces’ length. The armholes are finished with bias binding, as indicated in the new edition of the pattern 🙂


Gingham fabric was an obvious pick for me (it’s my favorite fabric!). This one is very lightweight and has 1/4 inches squares (similar here). I was hoping to find one with larger squares but that will be for the next shirt… maybe a Mélilot this time?


What do you think of the crop top and high-waisted pants combo? Wearable or not?

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Caitlyn, September 23 2016

I think the high-waisted jeans and crop top are working great here! While it’s not a style I would reach for (because of my own shape and preferences) I think it looks great on everyone who does wear it. And the gingham here definitely makes the look. 🙂

Lynsey, September 24 2016

Great outfit, looks amazing on

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