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Written by Eléonore
January 25 2019 | Inspiration

Hi everyone! Like for many of you, most of my January happened under a cosy blanket, with a hot cup of tea on my desk. A month of planning and reflecting that feels a little suspended in time, and that I personally enjoy very much.

Our January was busy designing our upcoming patterns, but we also got to read about some fascinating topics! I thought you might enjoy them as well, so here are my latest discoveries.



  • Hajinsky is an online magazine that addresses the psychology of fashion. It’s filled with riveting articles on the link between how we dress and how we are perceived by ourselves and others. A must read!
  • This New York Times article reaches a surprising conclusion about the most environmentally friendly fabrics.
  • How to stay warm&chic this winter: In this really well made video, Daria explains the difference between various fibers and their heat-retention properties. She also gives advice on how to stay elegant while keeping warm, and with a limited number of garments!
  • How to wear colors: Insightful advice from Net A Porter for mastering color without fail, with stunning examples.
  • You can’t miss it these days: inclusivity is a topic that is taking more and more space on social media, and rightfully so! Whether in the spheres of sewing, ethical fashion, or minimalism, indignation rises against the lack of representation in these niche, sometimes luxury, domains. To learn more, discover amazing accounts, and diversify your Instagram timeline, here are some hashtags that we strongly encourage you to follow:  #inclusivemaker #sewincolour #representationmatters.
  • Some good news this year: sustainability is in fashion in 2019! The news can seem futile given the current state of the planet, but it shows that there’s a growing interest for ecology and fair trade coming from the general population. And where there’s demand, supply follows (noticeably in the luxury goods industry, which is one of the most conservatives). A trend to keep up with while crossing your fingers for it to spread!

Have a great and relaxing weekend!

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kay, January 25 2019

When D& D came out with larger sizes, I was thrilled. Now, you post on color inclusion and other representations, make me wonder if D&D is going to include models of color and other representations. If yes, that is just a great step in the right direction.

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