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Written by Eléonore
April 29 2020 | Passiflore, Pattern News

This season’s release comes at a very strange time in our lives, but we’re happy to introduce our new spring-summer pattern: the Passiflore dress!

After working so hard on this pattern, we’re glad to finally reveal it: this is one we’re particularly proud of! For this pattern we imagined 3 very different variations. Even more, all these variations can be combined, for a total of 6 garments in 1!

After the release of our book Dressed, we wanted to balance out the basic patterns with a more advanced one, that would help you learn new techniques and enjoy the process as much as the finished product. This one’s a real treat if you like a challenge!

Passiflore is a double-breasted coat-dress with a tailor collar, which can be made into a maxi dress, a knee-length dress, a shirt, or even a light jacket! For each length, you can also choose between short sleeves with wide cuffs or long sleeves with buttoned cuffs 🙂

Given the current situation we have chosen to release Passiflore in PDF format only, but don’t worry! A paper version will be released when our printers can reopen safely.

Special Offer

You fell for the Passiflore dress, but you’d rather own a paper pattern than PDF? Until the stay-at-home order ends and our patterns are back in store, buying the PDF version of Passiflore will give you a discount code that will let you deduct the cost of the PDF from the paper pattern when it’s back in stock!

The pattern is already available in PDF format in the shop, in sizes 34 to 52! If you want to learn more about it, just keep reading 😉

For Passiflore, we went back to the romantic and feminine roots of Deer and Doe and added a touch of modernity. The tailor collar and double-breasted closure, both central features of coat-dresses, are refreshed by a more relaxed fit in the waist and sleeves.

Depending of fabric choice, Passiflore can look pretty structured or full-on flowy and romantic. Each variation can also be worn as a jacket, which makes this pattern even more versatile!

Feel free to let your imagination run wild and mix and match versions to fit your style: 80s short-sleeve shirt, 40s knee-length dress with long sleeves, 70s maxi dress, 90s duster… So many possibilities!

Passiflore is a level 4 pattern (advanced): it has a few delicate steps, for instance sewing the collar and the facing. It’s a pretty long project, but taken one step at a time it would be well within an intermediate sewist’s capabilities: the perfect occasion to set yourself a new challenge!

Without being as technically complex as a coat such as Opium, Passiflore is a statement piece that you will be proud to finish and to wear!

We hope you will enjoy this new pattern. We also want to express our thanks to the whole Rascol team, who graciously sent us fabric for the samples!

We’ll follow up with inspiration and fabric advice for the Passiflore dress, so check back soon!

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Rebecca Pilver, April 29 2020

What fabric is the jacket version made out of? Is that a tencil twill?

    Sylvie, April 29 2020

    If you mean the moss green fabric, yes, it is a tencil twill 🙂 which is sadly out of stock for the moment in the shop where we purchased it …
    But we will write about fabric suggestions for Passiflore very soon.

    maja, April 30 2020

    @Sylvie: Out of curiosity, which shop did you buy the Tencel Twill from?

    Sylvie, April 30 2020

    @Maja: It comes from this shop: https://www.rascol.com/A-279852-tissu-tencel-vert-mousse.aspx

Juanita, April 29 2020

This looks like a great versatile wardrobe staple. Any thoughts about a sew-a-long for one of the views?

Nothy, April 29 2020

Oh I love this dress. It looks so different made up in different fabrics. The longer version is very nice.

Lily, April 29 2020

Oh my gosh, I hate it when you guys release a pattern, and when I say hate I mean love, because I love them all and have to get it! I’ve been wanting a light jacket and this is perfect!

Karin, April 29 2020

beautiful pattern!!already bought it ❤️

Barbara Ferreira, April 29 2020

What a beautiful, versatile pattern, I love it! I was wondering: is it lined and, if not, would it be easy enough to line?

    Sylvie, April 30 2020

    Thank you 🙂
    Passiflore is not lined, but it should not be too difficult to line it to turn it into a warmer coat, although you may have to go up a size !

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