#Sirocco# Reviewers round-up

Written by Eléonore
April 12 2019 | Featured Garments, Sirocco

Now that we’ve shown you our inspirations and recommended fabrics for the Sirocco jumpsuit, here’s a look at the lovely versions sewn by our reviewers!


Floral jumpsuits, for spring? Groundbreaking! 😉 Flowers are all over my final version, as well as the stunning jumpsuit made by Elodie (tester)!


More prints with Jen‘s cheerful outfits. She made both versions of Sirocco: jumpsuit and romper!


Close up on the soft and cosy jumpsuits made by Anne (tester) and Louise, in solid Milano knit and crepe jersey.


Last but not least, we love the chic and structured versions made by Charlène and Sharadha!

Note: pattern testers and reviewers

Our pattern testers have worked with us closely while we were developing the pattern, and provided feedback on the construction and fit. The projects shown above are final test versions that are almost equivalent to the final pattern!

Our reviewers did not take part in pattern testing, and so did not provide feedback during the design phase, but have received the finished pattern in exchange for a blog post. The opinions they express on their blogs (which we recommend visiting!) are their own, and we have encouraged honest and constructive criticism!

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