One Year of Acajou Pants

Written by Camille
November 4 2021 | Acajou, Featured Garments

This October marked one year of Acajou!

With a cocoon-shaped silhouette and the option for cargo-inspired details, Acajou was admittedly a bit of a design departure for us. But with the return of wider pant styles in full swing now, it’s a look that continues to get trendier. We’ve seen some amazing versions from the community since its initial launch, and to celebrate its one-year anniversary we thought we’d share some of our favorite looks!

These all-weather #ddacajou pants are the BEST compromise between elastic waisted joggers and “going out pants”, and they register a little bit vintage banana republic🥰. This double faced twill fabric from @measurefabric MAKES THEM.


Yes I’m just that extra 💁🏻‍♀️ made a whole […] outfit from 2 pairs of my dads old jeans because why not 🙃 … I really love the fit of these pants, so I’m probably just going to keep making more in different colors 😅 Patched up a couple holes in the denim which could’ve turned out strange but it actually adds a bit of character which I love 💕


@noamrohar leaned into a classic trouser vibe by adding belt loops to her Acajou pants. This is an easy change that not only hides the elasticated back waist, but it also gives the pants a dressier feel.

Perfect for getting cozy during the holidays! These pants have a very comfortable high waist cut with cool details like the side cargo pockets.


🦊My foxy pants – the combination of the two cotton corduroy fabrics gives me the feel of both the animal and also of stylish hiking pants. I truly love this pattern … this is my third pair and [I have] yet another one in planning.


Whether you want to go casual or formal, trendy or classic, Acajou offers a lot of range in terms of styling possibilities. Fabric choice is key though, and you can find inspiration in the projects above, or take a look at our fabric recommendation post to get ideas.

Which of these looks is your favorite?

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Barkat, November 16 2021

So beautiful design.

pamici, November 16 2021

Oh my goodness – now I am obsessed and need to make a dozen of these! So creative and fabulous!!

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