A new Centaurée for the summer

Written by Eléonore
April 4 2016 | Centaurée, Pattern News

Daylight saving time is here! And I don’t know about you, but here we are just waiting for the sun to show up to start planning our summer wardrobe 😉

In parallel of the release of our new collection, we continue updating our older patterns. After Belladone, Chardon, Chataigne, Datura, Brume and Ondée, it’s now turn for Centaurée to get a facelift!


For its move to the new format, we decided to bring out the retro side of Centaurée by making it a little more fitted at the waist (if you already have the first edition of the pattern and you want to achieve the same result, no worries! You just need to remove 5mm from the sides of the bodice at the waistline, without changing anything to the skirt). It might be the occasion to finally give in to this pretty summer dress?

And as you can see on the cover picture, Centaurée goes along great with our new Lupin jacket 😉

Discover the new version of the Centaurée dress in our online shop!

Short version: Organic Chambray Raw dots, in denim colorway – Deer&Doe collection
Long version: Lurex swiss dot lined with pearl grey cotton voile

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Francesca Amodeo, April 4 2016

I love both the dresses! This is one of the few patterns i don’t have of yours – basically because I hate strapless bras and have yet to find one that’s comfortable and flattering – but I am sorely tempted now! And no, I don’t care about SJP and SATC making it ok to show bra straps – I’ve had an overdose of bra straps now….
Question – any changes made to Datura and Ondee?

    Camille, April 5 2016

    No changes to the Ondée pattern except for an improved instruction booklet and a new packaging. We have removed a little bit of width at the hips of Datura: you would get the same result by grading down one size at the hips.

    And I am with you on the strapless bra quest, it’s hard to find a good one! For the Centaurée dress, if you sew the double straps close together, that might be enough to hide a bra strap if it is not too wide. I usually get away with wearing a normal bra with mine 🙂

Francesca Amodeo, April 6 2016

Thanks for your reply, Camille:). A normal bra? Really? In that case I think i’ll get this pattern – it’s so cute…. I don’t mind if a bit of pretty strap shows, it’s when you can see the whole thing that it bugs me:)

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