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Written by Eléonore
April 3 2017 | Pattern News, Réglisse

In 2016, we’ve spent a lot of time issuing new editions of our printed patterns! Today we’re giving you all the details on the Réglisse dress, which is back in the store right on time for the summer 😉

Réglisse was part of our spring-summer 2013 collection, and many of you fell in love then with its cute and retro style. It’s now back in the store with an additional mock button-front variation and brand new pictures!



Like with all our new editions, Réglisse’s instruction booklet has been revised and improved, and the envelope now features finished garment measurements. But that’s not all!

Mock button-front variation: we’ve added a new variation with a mock button-front, easily transformable into a real button-front version. If you already have the old edition of Réglisse, you can follow this tutorial to create a button-band.

Shirred waistband option: we also have introduced a second option for the waistband, which can now use either elastic (version B) or shirring (version A). Check out this tutorial to add shirring to the old version of the pattern.

New cutting layouts: we’ve also added new cutting layouts so that you can make the dress out of 45” wide fabric, while the older version only had the layout for larger widths of fabric.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new edition! Thanks again to Sara, our lovely model for version B!

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PsychicSewerKathleen, April 3 2017

I was at my local fabric shop monthly meet up yesterday wearing my Arum dress and everyone loved it 🙂 I made it up in a french terry along with a pair of puzzle pants from vogue so it looked like part of a suit. Everyone loved it! I falling in love with so many makes popping up on social media of your Hoya blouse 🙂

Simone, April 3 2017

I had been waiting for the Bleuet dress to be re-issued (please tell me, is it coming back soon?), and had not looked at this one, but now I want both! Love the plain V-neck variation,so classic!

    Camille, April 3 2017

    It’s coming back eventually, unfortunately we’re still working on the improved pattern so we don’t have a release date. In the meantime, if you are in North America, you might be able to contact our stockist Gather Here to order the old edition of the pattern. I went there last weekend and I saw they still had a few copies!

    Simone, April 3 2017

    Thanks so much, Camille! Will check with them!

    Simone, April 3 2017

    They did have it, so excited! The Bleuet has been taunting me on social media for a while now, so glad that Molly at Gather here went down to the basement looking for it (as they were discontinued they got moved down there) but it’s going to be on the way soon! If anyone else is looking, they showed 5 in the system before I got mine.

Yavanna, April 3 2017

Lovely silhouette! Love the pattern improvements too! It might be awhile begore i get my copy, as i just splurged on your new spring collection, but i look forward to sewing this soon

Crystal Dekker, April 3 2017

I keep hoping to see your patterns increase in sizing. They’re all so beautiful, but juuuuuuuust out of my size range. I love that button version!

    Camille, April 3 2017

    Check out the posts we wrote to introduce the new collection and the new PDF format 😉 We’ve increased our size range, and we’re going to release all our patterns up to size 52 in PDF!

Brenda, April 4 2017

Will the new cutting layouts for 45″ wide be made available for people who already have the older edition of the pattern? I’d love to make a new one for spring with some narrower fabric – such a great pattern!

    Camille, April 4 2017

    Sure! Shoot us an email using our contact form and we’ll send it to you! 🙂

Stephanie, April 14 2017

Is there an anticipated release date for the PDF version of this pattern?

    Camille, April 14 2017

    We don’t have a set schedule for the PDF releases yet, we’ll try to get through all of them asap 🙂

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