[Arum] Blending between sizes

Written by Eléonore
November 26 2015 | Arum, Fit Adjustments

Arum is a very simple dress to sew, but its princess seams can lead to some confusion when trying to blend between several sizes.

Today we are going to explain our method to blend the Arum dress between several sizes while maintaining the pattern’s proportions! In this example, we’ll go from a size 38 (bust and waist) to a size 40 (hips).


Let’s start with pattern piece #1 (front dress). Trace the top of the dress and the sleeve following the lines for size 38, then use a French curve to trace a smooth curve between the two notches. Trace the bottom following the lines for size 40.


Moving on to the back: trace all of piece #2 (center back) in size 38, using only the length of size 40 (as shown above).


Finally, the trickiest part: the side back piece (#3). Start by tracing the top of the piece, the sleeve, and the whole left side following the lines for size 38. On the right side, draw the same curve than on the front piece between size 38 and 40.


At the bottom, you’ll end up with the left side traced in size 38, and the right side in 40. Trace the hem line in 40 and draw a line to join up with size 38 on the left, as shown above.

Trace the neckline facing pieces in size 38, and voila!


You now know how to obtain a well-fitted dress! Tomorrow we’ll show you how to do a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) on Arum.

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