Fall Pattern Release Update

Written by Camille
October 6 2021 | Behind the Scenes, Plantain, Sirocco

Fall is officially here, the weather is starting to change, and we have some important Deer&Doe updates to share with you.

First things first, we regret to inform you that we will not be releasing any new patterns for the Fall 2021 season. As many of you know, we have a six-month development cycle for all of our designs, during which there can be many revisions to a pattern before release. We pride ourselves on focusing on quality over quantity, and it’s not uncommon for a pattern to be scrapped entirely before a collection launch.

This was unfortunately the case this year, as our designs for this season just did not come together as we’d hoped. As much as we hate to skip a collection release entirely (and we know it is a disappointment to you), we feel very strongly that it is better to not release a pattern at all than to put out a subpar product. As we struggled to get these designs up to our usual high standard, we eventually realized that our time and energy would be better spent getting a head start on the spring collection. While we are sad to let these patterns go—and we hope you understand—we are also eager and excited to begin working on the next batch of designs.

In the meantime, we have stayed busy working on the size range expansion we announced last February, starting with a re-release of the Sirocco jumpsuit. Development has been going smoothly and on schedule (we are still on track for a November launch!), and we just wrapped up Sirocco’s third and final round of testing. It’s now time to put the final touches on the pattern, and we’ve got a launch photoshoot scheduled for the end of this month.

In addition to rereleasing Sirocco next month, we are pleased to announce that we will also be launching a second pattern: the Plantain t-shirt

The Plantain t-shirt is a free pattern, and for many sewists it has been a valuable way to try out our patterns and get a sense for the Deer&Doe block. This is even more important now that we will be offering two different size ranges. We knew early on that it would be a priority to offer this same opportunity to those in our second size range (although until recently we were uncertain of the timeline), and we’re so happy to be able to offer Plantain alongside Sirocco this November. 

So there you have it—no new release this fall, but a second pattern in the new size range to look forward to. We also have a lot of Sirocco-themed content planned for the months ahead, but if there are other topics or tutorials you’d like to see from us, please don’t hesitate to let us know! 

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Joan M Jaromin, October 14 2021

I am so looking forward to trying your patterns. I am excited about a free pattern to give it a shot.

sarah maskell, October 15 2021

I have been waiting to get the sirocco in my me-made wardrobe. It is my birthday in November so I can’t wait….cake and sewing a new jumpsuit!

Stephanie, October 17 2021

I am really happy that the new size update is on schedule! As much as i would love to see new patterns, if i dont fit in the sizechart, i cant use them. So waiting patiently for more updated sizes!

Kay, October 23 2021

While I always look forward to your new patterns, I am grateful for a quality over quantity product. Sustainability is so important. Please continue to make lovely, quality patterns and inclusive sizes.

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